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About Us

LIVETVHITS is a digital service that explores TV shows and streaming entertainment, serves fans, and helps people decide what to watch now and next on any platform. We also provide a platform for users to submit votes on current programs on different TV channels in your country. The display of number of votes for the program helps our visitors/user to find which programs are trending on TV now.

We regularly update list of currently airing TV shows, movies and sports on channels via various tools which helps you to keep an eye on what has aired and track what’s being watched.

Simpler design helps members find something great to watch we make it even easier for our members to spend less time browsing and more time discovering programs they will love. We realize that there so many great shows on the TV, and that sometimes our members need a little bit of help figuring out where to start.

LIVETVHITS is a website for TV lovers. We provide users with their local TV listings, immersive content that digs deep into your TV obsessions, we does not offer any content for downloading and/or streaming. You can only watch trailers for TV Shows and Movies.

We make it easier to find titles on TVs, where navigation can feel a bit tougher when you are restricted to just a few buttons on a remote control.

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